During the Direction of Works, specialised personnel from MF Tècnima check that each and every one of the details outlined in the technical projects are correctly completed, managing and optimising both the personnel resources and the costs of the works, along with their planning so that they become reality in the established timing. They also carry out the control of the subcontractors of any part of the installation, in the case of this not being done by the company's own staff.

There is feedback of information with the operational department at all times, the department that will manage the installations built in the future. Thus every detail is attended to so that the eventual functioning of the installations is optimum.

Once the installation has been completed it is set into motion, checking that both the works and the installations have been done correctly, just as they had been designed, and that they work without problems, obtaining the expected performance. This is when the installation is finally handed over to the client.


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