The MF Tècnima laboratory, as well as making analyses, works jointly with the Engineering, Management and Operational Departments to offer its clients a wide variety of possibilities adapted to their needs, with the aim of designing and optimising the specific purification processes of each factory. Studies are made of:

  • Reduction of pollutant volume through oxidation.
    Periodic analysis of water to evaluate whether the effect of oxidation enables a reduction of the pollutant volume.
  • Jar testing
    We do jar testing in order to choose the most appropriate chemical products as well as dosages in the design of physical-chemical treatments of waste water or for the operative improvement in the purification plant. These tests help us see what is happening or could lead to a physical-biological treatment to obtain a reduction in its pollutant volume.
  • Respirometric tests
    Respirometric tests are based on the respiration of microorganisms that come from a biological reactor. In these studies we can analyse whether a biological reactor is capable of deteriorating a problem sample, whether because the sample is difficult to break down or it may have toxicity, or to evaluate the state of a biological reactor.
  • Nitrification - denitrification tests
    In these studies we evaluate the nitrification and denitrification of a biological reactor.

Thanks to the experience gained over these years MF Tècnima can offer its clients a diagnosis and type of treatment of their waste water based on the studies and analyses carried out.


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